Etienne Charles and his 'Dance-Happy' Creole Soul

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Friday March 30, 2018

From the San Diego Union-Tribune

Trinidadian trumpeter Etienne Charles and his dance-happy Creole Soul set for San Diego debut
By: George Varga

[…] Headlining this festive occasion will be Charles and his multinational band. Not only will it mark the acclaimed group’s first San Diego performance, it may be the first time any audience at an Athenaeum Jazz at TSRI concert ‘” or at least part of it ‘” rises from their seats to dance, en masse.

‘I’m hoping they will dance, because calypso is dance music and we always encourage people to dance when we play calypso,’ said Charles, 34, who is a composer and band leader by night and an assistant professor of jazz studies at Michigan State University by day. ‘Our concerts are an exchange of energy between the audience and musicians. I try to tell a story and take people on a journey, to show them things they might not know ‘” a groove or style ‘” and where it came from. I hardly ever talk on stage about the history of calypso, though, because it’s pretty familiar to most people. […] If people come to our show, they’ll have a good time and they will feel the music.’

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