NPR: Review of 'After Bach'

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Wednesday March 28, 2018

From NPR

‘After Bach’ Offers Brad Mehldau’s Well-Tempered Jazz
By: Tom Moon

Jazz pianist Brad Mehldau is one of the countless musicians who have immersed themselves in Bach’s work. On his new album After Bach, available now, Mehldau interprets sections of Well-Tempered Clavier, then uses Bach’s melodies and cadences as a starting point to explore.

As in Bach, there are recurring themes on After Bach, as well as some brainy, high-wire act elaborations. But there are also ear-stretching modulations and sudden swerves that darken the mood. The result is Bach’s airtight harmonic logic gently pried apart by a modern musician who is fluent in jazz, The Beatles, and electronic music.

Pretty much everything in modern music comes after Bach, and incredibly, three centuries later, there’s still new inspiration to be found inside his long shadow.

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