Music Will Bring Social Change

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Monday March 26, 2018

From Wicked Local, Bedford

Quincy jazz great hopes music will bring social change
By: Jody Feinberg

When Panamanian jazz musician Danilo Perez performs Friday, the Quincy pianist will be onstage with musicians from Korea, Kazakhstan, Israel, Russia and Europe. As organizer of the annual Global Jazz Institute concert at Berklee College of Music, Perez said he strives to connect people of different cultures and give musicians, actors and dancers the opportunity to play off one another.

‘I’m very excited because it’s global and connective,’ said Perez, founder and artistic director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. ‘We’re trying to be as creative and stimulating as we can.’ Perez said he sees jazz as a vehicle to bridge differences. ‘This is where gifted musicians from all over the world become leaders and effect social change,’ he said.

[…] Always an optimist, Perez said his outlook is especially important now when so much conflict exists between people and nations. ‘I don’t want to surrender to divisions and pessimism,’ he said. ‘I want to feel hopeful and transmit that hope.’

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