Take Five: Brad Mehldau's "Spiral"

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Monday March 26, 2018


Hear Ecstatic New Music by Dafnis Prieto, Brad Mehldau and Meshell Ndegeocello in Take Five
By: Nate Chinen

Brad Mehldau Trio, “Spiral”
The new album from the Brad Mehldau Trio, arriving on Nonesuch on May 18, bears the title Seymour Reads the Constitution! ‘” an intriguing phrase whose full valence has yet to be explained. (Should we infer a reference to one-time Democratic presidential nominee Horatio Seymour? Muckraking journalist Seymour Hersh? Are we overthinking this?) A more self-explanatory title can be found on the album’s lead track and first single, ‘Spiral,’ which assumes a gently swirling cadence and a bittersweet air. Mehldau’s relaxed yet focused pianism is instantly identifiable, as is his rapport with bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jeff Ballard. There’s a perfect balance of effortless drift and skittering unease in the track ‘” a sense that something is quietly stirring, and that it might yet slip away from you.

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