Ella Fitzgerald's 100th Birthday - Regina Carter

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Monday March 26, 2018

From The Philadelphia Tribune

Regina Carter celebrates Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th birthday
By: Rita Charleston

Acclaimed jazz violinist Regina Carter returns to our town Saturday, bringing her boundless energy and swinging style to the Perelman Theatre at the Kimmel Center. Carter will perform her new record ‘Ella: Accentuate the Positive,’ marking the 100th birthday of the musical legend and Carter’s biggest inspiration, Ella Fitzgerald. This album marks Carter’s 10th release.

‘Being trained in classical music helped my career, but I don’t think it was absolutely necessary,’ Carter said. ‘Classical music was just my starting point. I thought I would be in an orchestra when I first started, so that’s the music I learned the instrument with.’ Continuing her distinguished career, Carter says it’s perfectly fine to call her a jazz musician because that’s what she does. ‘But really, I love all kinds of music, so I don’t think I’m at all limited in what I do.’

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