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Tuesday March 20, 2018

From The Arts Fuse

Jazz Concert Review: Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition at the ICA
By: Michael Ullman

Augmented with electronics, which Mahanthappa uses for echo effects as well as to deliver comments during the performance, the group’s efforts are high energy, rhythmically complex, and yet carefully constructed. Mahanthappa’s playing is full of virtuoso flourishes: at one point at the ICA (in a show presented by World Music/CRASH arts), he played a rapid, almost boppish, line and then stopped. He took the moment to smile at himself. The trio was in town to celebrate its new recording Agrima, which, ‘as an experiment’ was issued only as an audiophile LP and as a download.

The band played ‘Agrima, ‘which begins with an impossibly fast pattern generated electronically: somehow Abassi and then Mahanthappa managed to match it. This turned out to be the tune’s introduction. Mahanthappa then brought in a joyous melody whose extroverted cheer rose above the dissonance of Abassi’s guitar. […] Indo-Pak Coalition’s energized music and performance somehow manages to square the circle ‘” it is as engaging as it is songful and intelligent.

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