Deva Mahal: Best New Band at SXSW

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Monday March 19, 2018


Mallrat, Pronoun, Deva Mahal: 7 Best New Bands At SXSW 2018
By: Renée Fabian

Time and time again we’ve heard that one of the amazing things about the annual SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, is the wide-ranging lineup of artists that come to town covering the full gamut of genres. Festival attendees get to discover great new music, including hot new sounds from up-and-coming artists who seem poised to break through any minute. We had a chance to do a little exploring and we caught everything from innovative electronic pop to soulful bluesy stylings and so much more we think you’ll want to hear. So with that in mind, here are seven rising artists who caught our ear at SXSW.

Deva Mahal

If her last name sounds familiar, you’re not imagining things. Deva Mahal, the daughter of GRAMMY-winning blues legend Taj Mahal, is getting ready to release her debut full-length studio album, Run Deep, on March 23. Ahead of the drop, Mahal stopped by SXSW to play a set at the Miles Davis House on March 17 where she wowed the crowd with her soulful voice and poetic lyrics. As Parade wrote, “She powerfully connects with raw honesty, rich musicality and emotionally searing songs of love and loss that convey the true resiliency of the human spirit to triumph over adversity.”

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