The Soul Songstress: Deva Mahal

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Friday March 16, 2018

From REFORM The Funk

In Conversation with Soul Songstress: Deva Mahal

Despite being a musician since before she can remember, Deva (pronounced Diva) Mahal is surprisingly humble. Throughout our shoot, she regularly checks in with how people are doing, exclaiming, ‘it’s so weird to have all these people here for me’. When she hears her voice emerging through the speakers, halfway through a soulful playlist, she looks taken aback, pleasantly surprised.

The soul singer has been surrounded by music her whole life, so it only seemed natural for this to be the path she followed, ‘I was always finding an excuse to sing or play music anywhere that I could’. Despite a short-lived dream of becoming a lawyer and varied interests at school ‘” nothing ever felt as good as music; music was her norm. Deva has been recording, performing and writing music since she was a child.


‘I really love this album’ she gushes, ‘it’s my first studio album and it’s the first time I’ve put something out that I’ve had complete creative control over. There are songs on this album that I started writing a decade ago’¦ some songs are like just a melody for years till you’ve had another experience [that] coincides with that one idea that you had and then it can ultimately develop from that’.

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