Virtuoso Regina Carter at Kimmel Center

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Thursday March 15, 2018

From The Reporter

Violinist Regina Carter pays tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theater
By: Fern Brodkin

One might be surprised that an instrumentalist would find a vocalist to be so inspirational and influential. But just as Carter was inspired by classical master violinists Itzhak Perlman and Yehudi Menuhin (she took master classes from both) and jazz violinists Stéphane Grappelli and Stuff Smith ‘” she considers Smith her ‘Bible’ ‘” she was equally inspired by Fitzgerald.

‘It’s the way that she delivers the melody and the way she gets inside of a tune,’ Carter said in a telephone interview while on tour in Michigan. ‘There’s no way you won’t understand what that tune is about when you hear Ella sing it. She was a genius.’


‘I have a very large book of repertoire,’ noted Carter. ‘I try to do a good amount of the tunes from the record, but I like to also add other tunes that we enjoy playing. I don’t have a set list that we use. If you look in my violin case‘¦ (the musicians) always tease me because I have like a thousand pieces of paper with set lists on them.

‘We do sound check. I get a feel for the hall. I’m like, ‘what do I feel that day?’. And depending on the vibe that I get, the energy from the audience, I might change up the set. So, it just depends on the energy and what the spirit kind of moves me to play at the moment.’

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