The Bad Plus Sounds Sublime

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Monday March 12, 2018

From The Washington Post

The Bad Plus 2.0 sounds as sublime as the 1.0 version
By: Michael J West

Five months after the Bad Plus 1.0’s farewell D.C. appearance, the Bad Plus 2.0 made their debut D.C. appearance: Friday night at Blues Alley. The difference was substantial. […] With the new lineup, all ears were on Evans ‘” what he brought to the trio and how he fit in.

The Bad Plus clearly knew that. They opened the set with two tunes from their 2003 breakthrough (with Iverson), ‘These are the Vistas.’ Evans’s touch on ‘Big Eater’ and ‘Keep the Bugs Off the Glass and the Bears Off Your Ass ‘ was somehow both softer and steelier than his predecessor’s; his tones were more opaque, but without hitting the keys quite as hard. On ‘Bugs,’ Evans also demonstrated a deep knowledge of jazz’s folk idiom: His solo spilled without fuss into sublime blues work.

Evans brought high drama, creating tension by falling behind the beat and moving into an unexpected key, but Anderson and King didn’t bat an eyelash in moving with him. It’s only a few months old, but here is a group of musicians who have one another’s numbers.

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