Dianne Reeves "Magnificent" at Lincoln Center

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Tuesday March 06, 2018

From New York Amsterdamn News

Dianne Reeves Magnificent at Lincoln Center
By: Risa Si Dais

On the weekend eve of Valentine’s Day, the incomparable jazz singer Dianne Reeves thrilled the sold-out audience in the Rose Theater at Lincoln Center with a magnificent romantic performance.

From the outset, Reeves, pre-eminent jazz vocalist and 2018 NEA Jazz Master who will be honored in April at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., stepped onstage in the Rose Theater possessing the aura of royalty as the diverse audience stood applauding before she sang a single note. She is an incomparable, treasured jazz icon who creates dynamic, romantic and positive music that we hope to hear and see for many years to come.

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