Royal Wood: A Return to Innocence

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Monday June 12, 2017

From BeatRoute

Royal Wood: A Return to Innocence and Embracing of One’s Inner Voice
By: Heather Adamson

VANCOUVER – Royal Wood has been a sought after songwriter for more than a decade now, sharing his time between LA and Toronto. Born John Royal Wood Nicholson but performing under his given middle names, his eighth album, Ghost Light, was a cathartic expression that was brought upon by significant loss and a recognition of life`s fragility and beauty. With no plans to make an album, Wood entered the studio and the songs came immediately. “The album felt like a natural evolution and I needed to get out of the way,” shares Wood. “My father passed away and I lost my last grandparent. I felt there were spirits in the room and serendipity surrounding me. The record came so fast; a song a day or every other day. It was a little too perfect.”

Coming off his album The Burning Bright (2014), Wood had been incredibly busy and was used to sharing a lot of his music during production and writing, whereas Ghost Light was much more of an insular experience and process. “I didn`t tell anyone I was making an album,” says Wood. “No one heard any of the songs until I had recorded them.”

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