Idan Raichel Performs at Yale

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Friday February 23, 2018

From Yale News

Israeli singer Idan Raichel performs at Yale
By: Jever Mariwala

The show began with a performance by Yale’s Jewish, Israeli and Hebrew a cappella group, Magevet, and continued with Raichel’s hour-long performance.

During the concert, Raichel frequently conversed with his audience, emphasizing his love for a ‘living room vibe.’ He said he often invites people to sit in his living room while he plays his music, and wishes to recreate that atmosphere during his concerts, as well. Raichel said he focuses on fostering an intimate environment, even at venues with 2,000 seats. Despite his love for music and performing, Raichel also stressed the importance of taking time out of his busy schedule to spend time with his family.

‘I liked the emphasis that this is a sort of living room atmosphere,’ attendee Miriam Ross ’21 said. ‘Making conversation with the audience, making little jokes, using a xylophone in a performance because it’s something his daughter likes to play with. I just really enjoyed those touches.’

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