Spring Quartet Pulls Together a Stirring Set

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Sunday March 09, 2014

From The Boston Globe

All-star Spring Quartet Pulls Together a Stirring Set
By: Jeremy D. Goodwin

The set list included two references to the ancient Greeks, but there was nothing neoclassical about the Spring Quartet’s show at Sanders Theatre on Thursday.

This newly formed jazz supergroup – boasting drummer Jack DeJohnette, bassist Esperanza Spalding, saxman Joe Lovano, and pianist Leo Genovese – did not announce a new musical direction. But it waded successfully through various progressive currents, suggesting it could indeed chart a course toward some newer destination if it chooses to.

Spring Quartet already sounds more like a true working group than an all-star jam session. So one hopes it’ll move past this stage of synthesizing its members’ strengths and push toward a signature statement. This is one supergroup that adds up to more than the sum of its chops.

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