SFJAZZ Gala 2018: Recap

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Thursday February 08, 2018

From JamBase

SFJAZZ Honors Preservation Hall – 2.01.18
By: Eric Podolsky

[…] This was only the beginning of an epic night of music that took the audience on a whirlwind journey through many different musical colors and palates. The music shifted from boisterous to introspective, to bluesy and back as world-class musicians entered and left the stage faster than I could keep track of.

But it was the voice of the Afro-Cuban jazz singer Daymé Arocena that completely stole the show. Barefoot and clad in a white dress, Arocena enthralled the room with a hushed piano duet that showcased her deep, soulful, pitch-perfect voice.

The show then culminated in a huge jam featuring all the performers of the night on stage at once ‘” the stage exploded in a raucous Dixieland party with multiple horns interweaving, guttural trombone bursts, driving percussion, and topping it all off, Arocena’s soaring vocals taking everything over the top to a spiritual climax.

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