Idan Raichel: Unique Musical Style

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Wednesday February 07, 2018

From Chicago Jewish News

Idan Raichel Bringing Unique Musical Style to Chicago
By: Ellen Braunstein

[…] Producer, keyboardist, lyricist, composer and performer Idan Raichel is a global music icon who has brought his inspiring example and soul-stirring music to some of the world’s biggest stages.

As the leader of The Idan Raichel Project for 15 years, this Israeli artist acts as a musical ambassador representing a hopeful world in which artistic collaboration breaks down barriers between people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

Raichel may be a goodwill ambassador for Israel, but he doesn’t feel he has to be. ‘I don’t have to do it, but I feel that all musicians that are connected to their roots cannot be taken out of that context. I’m very connected to the place I’m coming from.’

See Idan in Chicago at the Athenaeum Theater on Feb 18th at 7:00PM.

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