The Bad Plus: Keeps the Jam Jazz Flowing

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Monday January 29, 2018

From the Chicago Tribune

The Bad Plus Keeps the Jazz Jams Flowing
By: Steve Knopper

The first time pianist Orrin Evans sat down with his new jazz trio, the Bad Plus, about a year ago in Brooklyn, N.Y., bassist Reid Anderson and drummer Dave King picked a 14-year-old original, ‘Big Eater,’ which they’d played repeatedly and knew intimately. ‘You could feel the potential contained in that first moment,’ Anderson recalls. ‘With Orrin, we can see that there are so many paths to explore musically and places to go improvisationally. We’re just at the very threshold of that.’

Evans went into the studio with the Bad Plus to record new compositions like Anderson’s ‘Hurricane Birds,’ which opens with a piano chord and instantly establishes a softer, more accommodating style than that of Iverson. Anderson and King respond in kind, and the result is a more melodic but just as tough version of the Bad Plus.

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