New Voice, Old Soul

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Tuesday January 16, 2018

From Arts ATL

New voice, Old Soul: Jazzmeia Horn Brings Her Vintage Jazz Sound to the Woodruff Arts Center
By: Andrew Alexander

ArtsATL caught up with the New York-based singer, Jazzmeia Horn, to chat about her music, her love of Betty Carter and what Atlanta jazz fans can expect at Saturday’s concert.

ArtsATL: I was surprised to learn that Jazzmeia Horn is your real given name. It just seems too perfect! How did you happen to come by that name?

Jazzmeia Horn: My grandmother gave me the name. She was a pianist, and in the 50s and 60s she wanted to be a professional musician, but because she’s a woman she wasn’t really given the opportunity. She had a child, my father. She chose the name Jazzmeia when I was born, passing on her legacy to me. It’s my destiny. She gave me that name, and now I’m living the dream.

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