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Thursday November 30, 2017

From Paste Magazine

The Curmudgeon: Music for an Empire in Decline
By: Geoffrey Himes

‘Last year was a son of a bitch for nearly everyone we know,’ Jason Isbell sings on ‘Hope the High Road,’ from one of 2017’s best albums, The Nashville Sound. If 2016 was a hard pill to swallow, 2017 was more bitter still. It was a year of Biblical plagues: Houston and Puerto Rico drowned in water, California going up in flames, all the president’s men meeting Russian criminals in hotel rooms, Nazis carrying torches through the streets of Virginia, sexual predators at loose in board rooms and the Oval Office, unarmed black men killed in city after city.

It felt like the year that a great empire went into decline, and 2017’s best songwriters reflected that sour mood in both their lyrics and music. It didn’t matter if they were Americana artists such as Isbell and Margo Price, dance-rock artists such as St. Vincent and Arcade Fire, African-American banjo players such as Rhiannon Giddens and Valerie June, rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell Williams, country crooners such as Lee Ann Womack and Willie Nelson or musical-short-story-writers such as Craig Finn and Randy Newman’“the songs all described a world coming apart at the seams.

Included in Himes’ Top 100 Albums of 2017 list are:
Rudresh Mahanthappa & the Indo-Pak Coalition with Agrima
Anat Cohen Tentet with Happy Song
Avishai Cohen with Cross My Palm with Silver
Chris Potter with The Dreamer is the Dream

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