'Hudson' Tour Concludes In Style

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Tuesday October 31, 2017

From Live For Live Music

Scofield, Medeski, DeJohnette, & Grenadier Conclude Hudson Tour In Albuquerque
By: Jake Sudek

The Band

Jack DeJohnette

Bending place and space, this septuagenarian shaman showed that chronology is subjective as he swung, shuffled, and drove time throughout the evening, presenting patterns and angular dismay. This legend proves the theory that you are only as old as you allow yourself to be, handling the band’s vocals, both in song and backstories, while setting the measure and connecting visually and acoustically with the other members.

Larry Grenadier

Whether on bow, standing tall against his accoutrement, or slumped over the body of the wooden beast, this man’s ability for chord forms on the fly seems more mythical than mastery. His ability to shift between the simple and complex provided the audience with delight, as Grenadier’s subdued affect, except for the occasional devilish grin, kept the audience’s focus on his hands, where the number of his digits is still in question.

John Medeski

Set atop his revolving pillar, Medeski revealed his prowess for the hypnotic and jarring on the Hammond, as well as skilled sublime power on the grand, with often a hand on both as he mixed his aural concoctions. His glimpses under stern brow across the stage to his fellow magicians reflected both his intent and madness. As leader and follower, this PhD of the psychedelic contributed to the invocation, in both singularity and the hive mind.

John Scofield

The bearded wizard began the set from his stooled perch, guitar in hand, as he watched the cohort open the benediction of the performance. When he finally descended, six-string staff in hand, unleashed were heads and improvised incantations that had the sorcerer under closed eyes, swaying with swirling alchemy, and mouthing the chant of notes his fingers were transcribing.

When the lights finally came up, most who had arrived for the ceremony remained, their eyes widened and faces washed with expressions of altered states. Terms and phrases like “ridiculous, mesmerizing”, and “did that just happen?”, echoed throughout the auditorium as witnesses gathered in small groups recounting the performance. Using the term “supergroup” may be putting the experience lightly, but that stated, it is unsure that this formation may tour again in this capacity. For those lucky enough to see Hudson, this particular night gave a new meaning to New Mexico’s moniker The Land of Enchantment.

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