The Bad Plus Is Gorgeously Idiosyncratic

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Wednesday October 04, 2017

From The Washington Post

The Bad Plus Is Gorgeously Idiosyncratic at the Hamilton
By: Michael J. West

When the Bad Plus played its first D.C. gig, at Blues Alley in 2001, the band was the new big thing in jazz ‘” but also something of a novelty. Here was an acoustic piano trio covering Nirvana, Aphex Twin and Blondie, both having a sense of humor and being serious about it.

They did their own original stuff, too. And now, 16 years later, on the farewell tour of their original incarnation ‘” pianist Ethan Iverson leaves at year’s end, to be succeeded by Philadelphia’s brilliant Orrin Evans ‘” it was the quirky, distinctive originals that dominated the Bad Plus’s set Saturday at the Hamilton. And it was a pop cover that sneaked in among Iverson, bassist Reid Anderson and drummer Dave King’s imaginative offerings.

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