An Interview With Israeli Piano Man Idan Raichel

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Tuesday October 03, 2017

From Time Out

Tickling the keys: an interview with Israeli piano man Idan Raichal
By: Elianna Bar-El

Spanning a 15-year career, Israeli musical icon Idan Raichel has toured across the world, bringing a cross-cultural blend of international sounds to the forefront. His latest release, a live double album called ‘Piano-Songs’ kicks off a five-show set in Binyamina throughout Sukkot. We asked the singer-songwriter what is inspiring him at the moment.

Idan Raichel’s music undoubtedly falls under the ‘global music’ genre, but don’t expect the ubiquitous compilation from the Starbucks check out line. The Idan Raichel Project has performed eclectic live shows everywhere from the Sydney Opera House to New York’s Radio City Music Hall and Los Angeles’ Kodak Theater with over 95 different singers aged 16 to 91 years old ‘” all hailing from a melting pot of countries and cultures. At the helm of the Project, Raichel has facilitated the collaborative effort through and through, sharing the mic with a slew of featured guests and creating a platform for singers and performers on the rise.

Who/what inspired your love for music at such a young age?

My inspiration for loving music came from my family growing up, my grandfather who played the mandolin by ear, and my father who used to bring a new vinyl record home every weekend’“from Brazilian music to American folk or Israeli hits. My mom also played the accordion when she was young. They pushed me to play the accordion at age nine and that was the beginning of my journey.

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