Equality On All Levels

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Friday June 30, 2017

From La Presse

The Bad More … or less … or more
By: Alain Brunet

On the march since the dawn of the previous decade, The Bad Plus takes a last time to Montreal in its original configuration; Last spring, pianist Ethan Iverson announced that he was leaving the famous trio from Minnesota to carry out his own projects.


Was this change of course really desired by all? It does not concern us. However, one can inquire about the need to maintain the name The Bad Plus and replace the third by another third. As such, Reid Anderson is much more affirmative.

“Dave [King] and I have been involved in the same way as Ethan, The Bad Plus is our group. What’s more, this name represents for us a symbol for jazz created collectively. We have fought hard to put forward this value, we still believe in it. We want to keep our brand, we want to continue. “

Shared power, he points out, is rarely assumed publicly in improvised music, but …

“Jazz is much more cooperative than we think. Several great officially accompanying musicians do not receive the recognition they deserve, since they are often part of a creation attributed to the official leader of their formation. For example, playing a standard is in itself a collective task and not the result of individual expression. “

Thus, The Bad Plus aspires to equality on all levels: performance, improvisation, composition, artistic direction. “That’s why we thought it was important to have a group name.”

Ethan Iverson’s replacement, he adds, is not a guest.

“Orrin joins a group, we want this new association to last as long as possible. He will be with us at the end of this year, we have already begun to repeat with him. We will record a new album with him, we are going ahead with this incredible pianist, very original! “

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