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Wednesday June 21, 2017


DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski, and Scofield – Hudson Review
By: Will Layman

Now DeJohnette, Medeski, bassist Larry Grenadier, and guitarist John Scofield have made a record that captures this kind of a band and aims to bottle the Hudson Valley vibe and put it on record. And, fitting the scenery of that lush and peaceful part of the northeast, the music is varied, beautiful, and pleasantly loose. There’s not doubt that each player is a key individual voice, but here there is no cutting or competition ‘” just a collective hang, a conversation, a musical picnic with good food that could come from almost anywhere in this abundant region.

The joy in collaboration is everywhere, but it’s particularly easy to here on the opening (title) tune, a long funky jam that is open and loose in the spirit of the Miles Davis early-‘70s music that DeJohnette played on. Medeski puts his Fender Rhodes through a ring modulator to get psychedelic colors, and Scofield teases bits of melody in conversation with the band. These guys know each other ‘” neighbors. Scofield and Medeski have made a few recordings together and know how to talk back and forth. DeJohnette is the mayor of any jazz neighborhood you choose, with a resume that spans Miles, Keith Jarrett, Arthur Blythe, David Murray, Pat Metheny . . . Grenadier may be youngest, but he’s also the most flexible…

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