A Distinct Entity: The Dreamer Is The Dream

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Wednesday April 26, 2017

From Something Else!

Review: Chris Potter ‘” The Dreamer Is The Dream (2017)
By: S. Victor Aaron

It symbolizes what makes Potter and other leading lights of his generation the true standard bearers of jazz: a healthy respect for prior generations while adding to the vocabulary of it. On April 28, 2017, Potter ‘” along with Virelles, Martin and Gilmore ‘” add a little more with the saxophonist and composer’s third ECM Records release, The Dreamer Is The Dream.

In keeping with making every ECM release a distinct entity, Potter unveils this whole new combo for The Dreamer, and their musical personalities by themselves alter how his compositions are rendered. It’s tight where it should be, loose where improvisation is needed to take a song to greater heights. The leader himself avails himself to four kinds of reeds, a flute, an African thumb piano and even delving a bit into 21st century sampling.

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