Monsieur Perine on Touring

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Friday March 10, 2017

From Billboard

Monsieur Perine on Touring: ‘We Try to Meet Other Artists We Want to Collaborate or Write Songs With’
By: Griselda Flores

Touring isn’t just about the exposure for Monsieur Periné; it’s also an opportunity to connect with artists for possible collaborations on their upcoming album.

In the midst of composing and finishing the track list for the new record, the Colombian, Latin Grammy-winning trio will kick off their U.S. tour March 22, making stops in Chicago, New York and Washington.

“The way we look at it is that we’re going on tour with the mentality of meeting other friends or artists whom we want to collaborate or compose with for the new album,” lead vocalist Catalina García tells Billboard.

While some “meet-ups” are planned ahead, others happen spontaneously. “It’s something new we’re trying, and we’re trying to be more experimental.”

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