The Bad Plus Deliver the Goods

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Friday February 24, 2017

From NYS Music

The Bad Plus Deliver the Goods at the Egg
By: Neil Benjamin Jr.

The Swyer Theater at the Egg Center for the Performing Arts is a quaint and ideal setting for laid back musical performances. When The Bad Plus, a three-piece jazz band originally from Minneapolis but now out of New York City, visited the Swyer on Sunday, it was apparent from the start that the band really enjoys playing the room.

It was a show of minimalism, as the only lights on in the theater were three dimly lit bulbs that focused on the band. The seating area was dark, and nary a sound was made from the crowd except gentle applause at the conclusion of each number. The Bad Plus are billed as an avant-garde jazz trio, but what they delivered on Sunday was far from the righteous, self-centered nature the genre often produces.

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