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Tuesday January 17, 2017


Danilo Perez: A Man, A Plan, A Festival
By: Simon Rentner

Danilo Perez is more than a pianist. He’s an educator, urban developer, the proprietor of his own jazz club ‘” Danilo’s Club ‘” in the heart of old Panama City, Casco Viejo. He’s also the Cultural Ambassador of Panama, where he presents his annual Panama Jazz Festival, which just wrapped up for the year.

“Panama has been a hidden treasure (for jazz), starting with Luis Russell, who was the director of the famous Louis Armstrong orchestra. He was from Bocas Del Toro. Sonny White was the pianist on the famous recording with Billie Holiday, Strange Fruit. Sheila Jordan told me that Duke Jordan was from Panama. Billy Cobham, Santi Debriano, Carlos Ward, Carlos Garnett, there’s a huge list.”- Danilo Perez

Listen above to explore Panama’s hidden jazz history from Central America. We check out Luis Russell’s classic “Panama,” along with Perez’s Grammy-nominated recording “Panama Blues” featuring traditional mejorana singers, plus hear our exclusive recordings on the grounds from the 2016 Panama Jazz Festival featuring Perez with The Berklee Global Jazz Institute, bassist John Pattitucci, and Puerto Rican superstar singer Danny Rivera.

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