Etienne Charles pays tribute to First Nation peoples

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Friday November 18, 2016

From Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

First Sounds Charles pays tribute to First Nation peoples
By: Melissa Doughty

IT sounds the stories of ‘Hyarima’, of ‘Boruca’, of ‘Nepuyo’, of ‘Revolt’. Etienne Charles’ San Jose Suite gives voice to the stories of the world’s indigenous people.

These sounds coupled with Creole Christmas will reverberate throughout Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s this Sunday.

Trinidadian trumpeter Charles’ ten-piece ‘suite’ – released in June this year was described by John Stevenson in as being one of his most ambitious projects to date. The Suite which rose to number two on the Jazz Week Charts would feature as part of the first half of the show on Sunday, the other half would feature Creole Christmas with joint performances by Clarita Rivas, Ernesto Garcia, Stanley Roach and Enrico Camejo. Local songbird Llettesha Sylvester would replace Orange is the New Black star Danielle Brooks, who was originally scheduled to perform along with Charles.

Other performance will come from Alex Wyntz, Brian Hogan, Jonathan Michel, Sullivan Fortner and John Davis.

But for Charles it is important the people attend the show because it gives an opportunity for them to become curious about their history.

Each piece of the Suite tells the story of a geographical space and its people.

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