Omara Portuondo on her illustrious career

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Monday October 17, 2016

From Billboard

Omara Portuondo on Her ‘Tremendous’ Career
By: Judy Cantor-Navas

With a solo U.S. tour and a Latin Grammy Nomination, the renowned Cuban singer reminds audiences that she’s not just about Buena Vista.

When Omara Portuondo turns 86 later this month, she’ll have just wrapped up her current U.S. solo tour. Portuondo, known in recent years as the female voice of the Buena Vista Social Club, is performing with a group led by Cuban afro-jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca, and featuring jazz violinist Regina Carter and clarinetist Anat Cohen, alongside several young Cuban players.

‘Buena Vista was a complete orchestra,’ Portuondo clarifies, marking the difference between her current project and the famous Cuban music collective that she fronted for two decades. ‘This is a band. There are no trumpets or anything like that.’

Talking on the phone from Boston, where she performed earlier this week at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre, the singer is eager to point out that her career did not start with Buena Vista Social Club, and she certainly did not say goodbye to audiences with Buena Vista’s recent ‘Adios’ tour.

‘My story is like the story of Cuba,’ she says. ‘Tremendous.’

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