Why you need to catch one of the SoCal shows by Colombia's Monsieur Periné, the Grammy-winning masters of Latin swing

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Thursday August 04, 2016

From Los Angeles Times
By Carolina A. Miranda

Why you need to catch one of the SoCal shows by Colombia’s Monsieur Periné

At a time when Latin music airwaves are dominated by the boom boom of reggaeton, it can seem otherworldly to have a bouncing swing number hit the airwaves, much less land on the charts. But that’s just what happened when the Colombian band Monsieur Periné’s single “La Muerte” (The Death) landed at No. 1 on that country’s indie charts in 2011.

The song was not just a throwback. The effervescent fusion of Django Reinhardt-style gypsy jazz and South American cumbia — a combination that is practically impossible not to move to — prompted a chain reaction that the band is feeling to this day.

“They started to talk about us in the press,” lead singer Catalina García says via telephone from Colombia. “It drew a lot of attention.”

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