Buena Vista "Masters" Omara Portuondo & Eliades Ochoa

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Monday August 01, 2016

From My Statesman

Best of Latino cultural arts in August
By: Nancy Flores

As soon as they stepped on stage, an electric energy took over the room. A sold-out crowd at the Long Center for the Performing Arts had come to say goodbye to Cuban music legends Buena Vista Social Club for their farewell tour last fall. The masters went to work performing their greatest hits to a crowd who just couldn’t get enough of them.

Although the famed group will no longer tour, Buena Vista Social Club fans can still enjoy the music of its alumni as they perform independently. On Aug. 19, the new Pachanga Latino Music series presents a special performance by Buena Vista Social Club lead vocalist Omara Portuondo and vocalist/guitarist Eliades Ochoa.

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