Nippertown Features Perez, Patitucci, Blade Live at The Egg

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Tuesday April 26, 2016


LIVE: Perez Patitucci Blade @ The Egg, 11/21/15
By J Hunter

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to not look at musicians the way some parents look at their children: Frozen at an age that’s long since past. Pianist Danilo Perez was one of John Birks ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie’s last gifts to the world before he died; John Patitucci was the wunderkind bass player walking the front of the stage at SPAC with one of the hardest rocking groups ever made, the Chick Corea Elektric Band; and drummer Brian Blade was one of two huge surprises that backed up Joshua Redman on his second tour EVER in 1994. (The other surprise was a then-unknown piano player named Brad Mehldau.)

But these three artists aren’t children. They’ve been cutting their own respective swaths in jazz when they weren’t helping sax icon Wayne Shorter kick ass and blow minds. But for me, having this trio together making their own special music ‘” both onstage at The Egg’s Swyer Theatre and on their Mack Avenue release Children of the Light ‘” was like seeing your kids fully grown for the first time.”

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