Caetano & Gil: collective gratitude for lifelong comrades

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Tuesday April 12, 2016

From LA Times
By Mikael Wood

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil basically played their album in concert (and it was awesome)

What a pleasure it is to watch two masters at work.

That’s what I kept thinking Sunday night at the Microsoft Theater, where Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil — two aging giants of Brazilian pop whose friendly collaboration dates to the mid-1960s — played a deeply satisfying concert to begin a brief U.S. tour that will also take the duo to Oakland, Miami and Brooklyn.

Performing together with nothing more than their own guitars for accompaniment, Veloso and Gil, both 73, sang, strummed, picked and thumped their way through two hours of music — some old, some new, all of it using gorgeous melodies and propulsive rhythms to put across profound ideas.

The show came only two days after the release of a superb live album from the men, “Dois Amigos, Um Século de Música,” whose title translates to “Two Friends, One Century of Music.” Recorded last year in Brazil, the two-disc set captures a gig very similar to the one they played Sunday; indeed, Veloso and Gil have been touring this stripped-down production around the world since June.

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