The Irish Times Reviews Brad Mehldau's "10 Years Solo Live"

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Thursday November 12, 2015


Brad Mehldau – 10 Years Solo Live
By Cormac Larkin

“The selections are spread over four CDs (or eight LPs for the vinyly inclined) that each unfold like complete concerts. And though understandably, Mehldau has selected only performances that he thinks bear repeated listening, there is a remarkable consistency ‘” not necessarily in the repertoire, which ranges freely from Johannes Brahms to Jerome Kern to Kurt Cobain ‘” but in the fecundity of the pianist’s mind. Whether he is playing Brahms’s Intermezzo in B-flat major or a song by his beloved Radiohead, Mehldau is instantly recognisable, not only in the virtuoso technique and the astonishing independence of his hands, but in the intelligence with which he develops his material, pushing it through theme and variation, examining and re-examining a melody until it dissolves in a joyous cascade of overlapping ideas.”

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