Habib Koite featured in music documentary "The Last Song before the War"

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Tuesday March 10, 2015

From National Public Radio
By Anastasia Tsioulcas

Latitudes: The Film ‘The Last Song Before The War’

One of the best recently released music documentaries ‘” The Last Song Before The War ‘” wasn’t originally supposed to be about music.

American filmmaker Kiley Kraskouskas was living in Germany in the fall of 2010. “I’d previously been doing graduate work in sociology at New York University, but had fallen in love with film,” Kraskouskas says. She and some friends wanted to find a story line in Africa they could build a film around ‘” something about tourism, something created by locals and something sustainable. A success story.She received a call from one of her former students at NYU, a woman named Andrea Papitto, who had years of experience working in development in Africa. “Andrea told me about this amazing-sounding music festival in the Sahara Desert that had been created by local Tuaregs as a way of encouraging peace, tourism and economic development,” Kraskouskas says. “Musicians from all different ethnic backgrounds across Mali came to play, and so did famous international musicians, including people like Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. Tourists were coming from all over Europe and North America to Mali, just for this one event. And we said, ‘This is it.’”

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