Dianne Reeves enchants at Bing

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Monday February 09, 2015

The joy on stage was obvious, in Reeves’s spontaneous ooh’s and aah’s during Malone’s solos, in the wrinkles of Lubambo’s rapturous smile, and in the looks they all shared which seemed to say, watch what I’m about to do next. Reeves’s effortless performance was marked by genuine delight. She engaged the audience with playful comments and stories ‘” some sung and some spoken ‘” which revealed the dynamic nature of her talent. She told of her experiences acting for George Clooney and sneaking soul into Bach chorales, and finished the show with a cheeky comment about Bing’s acoustics, singing, ‘this is better than my shower.’ Overall, she seemed overjoyed to be playing with two close friends, and the feeling was infectious.

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