The Bad Plus puts its spin on classic Ornette Coleman

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Friday January 23, 2015

From The Boston Globe

The Bad Plus puts its spin on a classic Ornette Coleman
By: Jon Garelick

For the Bad Plus, the choice of “Science Fiction” was a no-brainer. Aside from producing a compelling book of idiosyncratic originals, their covers of Nirvana and Black Sabbath — and of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” — have redefined what it means to be a jazz piano trio. And Coleman has always been part of that mix.

The band members discovered “Science Fiction” as teens, pretty much concurrently with Coleman’s other music. They were struck by the great playing and songwriting, but also by a production style that, at the time, was more familiar from rock and pop albums than jazz — although the sound was making inroads.

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