Jazz Trio Bad Plus Brings Its Personal Aesthetic

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Sunday January 18, 2015

From CT Now

Jazz Trio Bad Plus Bringing Its Personal Aesthetic To Iron Horse
By: Michael Hamad

The Bad Plus’ original music is equal parts unknowable ‘” a secret code or handshake, with a harmonic and metric language that’s all their own ‘” and open to all: accessible melodies, often played in thirds or octaves between the piano and bass and rock/funk grooves you can lock into for a short stretch. On “Inevitable Western,” lines between composed and improvised parts are blended: you won’t hear, or maybe recognize, many solos. Three players stretch out together, within composed parameters. Songs are primary, not simply vehicles for improvisation. “That blurring is something we are aware of and that we do strive for,” Anderson said, “We’re interested in exploring what a song can be, how you contextualize improvisation.”

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