The Bad Plus in San Antonio

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Wednesday October 01, 2014


The Bad Plus in San Antonio
By PunkSoda

With the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel, The Bad Plus took madness and delivered it to San Antonio on a silver platter. Without a single effect or adjustment to the 3 instruments, they were able to alter mood, texture, rhythm and any other characteristic on a dime. Together. The trio was tight. Random chaotic soloing would surprisingly turn out to be a very rehearsed and accurately timed sequence. The concentration, yet ease of the performance was genius. I’m rarely impressed with musicianship, but The Bad Plus blew me away.

In an email, ARTS San Antonio President and Executive director told me, ‘I underestimated the intensity and complexity of a focused evening with them. In a good way, it was thick, often heavy, chamber music. It was a full meal.’ I couldn’t agree more.

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