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Wednesday August 20, 2014

From The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy Blog

The Bad Plus Call Their Own Tune on ‘Inevitable Western’ (Exclusive Album Premiere)
By: Eric R. Dalton

After the Bad Plus tackled an interpretation of Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ on their last album, the avant-jazz trio was happy not to have any specific direction in mind for their latest, ‘Inevitable Western.’ The Minneapolis group premieres the album today on Speakeasy.

‘After putting in all that work and thought and energy into doing the Stravinsky, it was just a sense of relief and fun to get back to our own world and not have to be concerned with that level of mathematics and so forth,’ bassist Reid Anderson tells Speakeasy.

There’s still plenty of math on ‘Inevitable Western.’ It’s a nine-song instrumental album that showcases the composition and performance chops of Anderson and his bandmates, pianist Ethan Iverson and drummer Dave King.

‘We’re three composers and I think we all have very distinctive voices, which I think is a good thing. It gives a lot of breadth to our oeuvre,’ Anderson says.

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