Dianne Reeves: A Night to Remember

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Monday July 14, 2014

From The Twin Cities Daily Planet

Everything clicked: 2014 Twin Cities Jazz Festival review
By: Robin James

‘I’m glad we didn’t go to the park. We’re stuck in here together,’ Dianne Reeves said at the end of her scorching hot set inside the Amsterdam Bar and Hall on Saturday night, June 28, to close the 16th annual Twin Cities Jazz Festival in St.Paul. It’s estimated that 20,000 attended the free festivities taking place at various outdoor and indoor locations.

With the rain on Saturday came a change of venue for the Reeves concert, from outdoor to indoor, but despite all that, it turned out to be a good thing. A very good thing.

For two hours, the standing room only crowd was throughly entertained by not only a peerless world-class vocalist, but by her first-rate all-star band including Geoffrey Keezer on piano and keyboards, Reginald Veal on bass, Terreon Gully on drums, and Romero Lubambo on guitars.

Not even lost luggage, or drumsticks could have spoiled the mood. Reeves was casually dressed in white jeans, and barefoot, seemed totally relaxed as she said she felt as though she was standing in her living room. Indeed, the intimacy of the setting helped enhance the laid-back vibe, so everything just seemed to click.

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