Dianne Reeves uplifts with vocal thrills, deep grooves

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Thursday June 26, 2014

From The Ottawa Citizen

Jazzfest review: Dianne Reeves uplifts with vocal thrills, deep grooves
By: Peter Hum

Before you heard Dianne Reeves in Confederation Park Wednesday night, you probably thought you knew how the Fleetwood Mac hit Dreams went. How about the Peter Gabriel song In Your Eyes, or that old jazz tune Stormy Weather?

Reeves, the four-time Grammy winner, made you think again. Thanks to forward-thinking and funky arrangements, and her own majestic voice and presence, these and other songs were reinvented and made to sound new again.

She and her powerhouse group made vivid, exuberant music that was always creative but highly accessible, upbeat and entertaining, too.

After all, who couldn’t be lifted up by the sheer force of Reeves’ voice, its rich, swoon-inducing timbre, her soaring range, and her go-for-it attitude when she bent melodies to her will and improvised scat solos?

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