Malian guitarist Habib Koité shares message of home

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Friday February 21, 2014

From JC Online

Malian guitarist Habib Koité shares message of home through Friends of Bob performance
By: Lauren Sedam


It is what guitarist Habib Koite’s newest album, ‘Soô,’ means in English, and it is the place where he recorded the effort. But beyond that, home and his homeland ‘” Mali ‘” are the inspiration woven into every chord and the reason he plays music at all.

‘I have experience of different music, and when I do my own music, I mix all my experiences,’ Koité said. ‘But the roots ‘” the music I do ‘” is from Mali.’

Koité was born in Senegal, and his family moved to Kayes in Mali when he was very young. He grew up in a musical family, drawing in his mother’s heritage as a griot, a troubadour and storyteller, and his paternal grandfather’s experience as a musician. It seemed only natural, he said, for him to become a musician, too. His uncle discovered his talent, and Koité was enrolled in the National Institute of Arts. From there, he developed his own style, playing on open strings and tuning to the pentatonic scale. As he gained experience playing in clubs and with other musicians, he incorporated notes of blues, flamenco, jazz, rock and funk, he said, as well as the diverse music of groups in Mali. He also formed his own band, Bamada.

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