Malian Guitarist Habib Koite Writes About Home

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Wednesday February 05, 2014

From The Province

Mali-based guitarist Habib Koite writes about home

Guitarist Habib Koite is a 56 year-old Senegalese musician based in Mali who has lead the West African supergroup Bamada for the past two decades. His music takes traditional styles of the region and fuses them into contemporary, often, Western tunecraft to make some of the most original music coming out of the region.

Koite tunes his guitar to a pentatonic (five-note) scale which is similar to playing the open string lute-like kamale n’goni.

Singing in English, French and Bambara, the musician’s eight worldwide releases have ranged from plugged-in to acoustic settings but always with mostly the same players. On his new album Soo, Koite has changed up both personell as well as musical styles. He performs at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver as part of the Capilano World Music concet series in a co-presentation of Kay Meek Centre and the BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts.

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