Idan Raichel Returns to Jorgensen

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Wednesday October 23, 2013

Idan Raichel, a name now known around the world, is once again bringing his music to the Jorgensen Theatre at UConn. His collaboration of musicians labeled the ‘Idan Raichel Project’ visited UConn last February and is now returning as a part of Daniel Pearl World Music Days. The Daniel Pearl World Music Days are in honor of Daniel Pearl, a journalist that ‘was captured and killed by terrorists in 2002’ according to the organization. The organization promotes tolerance and respect for differences, which is also what Raichel tries to accomplish with his music.

In his home country of Israel, Raichel and his band have extensively broken sales records, selling over half a million copies worldwide. In spite of the conflict between Israel and surrounding Arab nations, Raichel’s songs preach togetherness and inspire people to unite rather than dispute. His songs are not only sung in Hebrew. Songs feature many other popular and exotic languages including Spanish, Arabic, Swahili and Amharic. But it is not only the lyrics. The musical style is an original blend of Middle-Eastern with African, Latin American and Caribbean influences. As a symbol of cultural acceptance, Raichel had the opportunity to play in front of Pres. Obama on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Though they may come with a strong message, musical talent is not sacrificed. Each musician in the group draws on a very unique background and style that drives the music into being truly one from around the world.

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