Idan Raichel's Notes of Diversity

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Friday October 18, 2013


Idan Raichel’s notes of diversity
By: Jonathan Takiff

MANY a “world music” proponent thinks it a pretty rad proposition to mix one or two culturally diverse elements – say African tribal folk with acoustic blues, or Latin jazz with a touch of techno.

Idan Raichel takes it a whole lot further, mashing up a super-rich stew of cultures and traditions – Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Latin America, European and African – in a wondrously unexpected, richly rhythmic and mellifluous way. Then he casually characterizes such derring-do as “the natural order of things, just a reflection of the street life I encounter on a daily basis.”

Israel-born and based, though now a citizen of the concert-hall world, Raichel says that his sweet and spicy melting pot of music reflects on his country’s long standing “open door to immigrants from Jewish communities around the globe.”

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