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Wednesday October 16, 2013

From The Gazette

Dianne Reeves promotes latest album with stop at Strathmore
By: Cara Hedgepeth

Four-time Grammy winner Dianne Reeves recently returned from Japan where she was promoting her latest album, ‘Beautiful Life.’ Friday night, American audiences will get their first taste of Reeves’ newest work in a concert at Strathmore.

‘Beautiful Life,’ due out in the States in February, has already been released in Europe. It features 12 tracks, a combination of original songs and covers.

‘Most of my jazz records are a mixture of covers [and originals],’ Reeves said. ‘That’s kind of the tradition of jazz; taking famous songs and giving them a jazz perspective.’

Reeves was born in Detroit and grew up in Denver. She said in her family, ‘music was not just entertainment, but a way of life.’

Both of Reeves’ parents were musicians and her uncle was a bass player in the Denver Symphony Orchestra.

‘My uncle was really at the center for a lot of the music for the young people in our family.’

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