5 Questions with Idan Raichel

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Friday October 11, 2013


5 Questions with Idan Raichel
By: Katrina Raenell

Playing on Israeli radio stations in 2003, the song, ‘Bo’ee’ quickly rose to the top of the charts. Its unique sound, sung in the Ethiopian language, Amharic, was captivating and popular and quickly propelled the Idan Raichel Project into the spotlight.

The cross-cultural band, with Idan Raichel on the keyboards, collaborates with a variety of artists across the world creating a fusion of languages, instruments and age groups in its music. After 10 years and seven albums, three of which have gone platinum, the band has recently started out on a tour that will feature their latest album, ‘Quarter to Six,’ that was released last June. ‘Quarter to Six’ incorporates collaborations with over 95 artists ranging from 29 years old to 83, from all over the world, Raichel said.

Question: You have just released a new album, ‘Quarter to Six.‘What are some of the things that this album represented?
Answer: The music that I love to create with my band is what is interesting to people from all over. Once we finished this album, we felt that we had created something that can be different on the road, or in Israel, from the last album. It (represents) a journey from the past year before.

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