Fred Hersch, Joe Lovano Join Forces at the Vanguard

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Friday July 26, 2013


The Jazz Scene: Fred Hersch, Joe Lovano Join Forces at the Vanguard
By: Will Friedwald

The stakes are high this week at the Vanguard MGC -0.22% : Pianist Fred Hersch’s trio, one of the major ensembles of our time, is being joined by an equally formidable soloist, tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano. Catching these twin colossi in action together is like something you’d see at the Olympics. On “Days Gone By,” which opened the late show on Tuesday night, the two were a veritable pair of downhill skiers, racing down a mountain in parallel lines at first, then veering away from each other, then coming back together and separating again, then one circling the other, before they finally arrived at the finish simultaneously’“less like a race than like synchronized skiing, if such a thing existed. If the combination were anything less than marvelous, it would be a serious disappointment. It isn’t.

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